St. James has a rich history in Masonry and the community. Gathering it all will be time consuming. Consequently the archives section of our site will have to be a work in progress so check back often. In the mean time feel free to look over the St. James History page for a brief history of our lodge.

To help keep our Brethren up to date with the goings on at St. James, both past and present going forward, we have added the following four sub-pages, Notices (from St James), Bulletins (from Grand Lodge), On The Level (courtesy of V.W Bro. Maitland ) and Past What's New from the home page. However, for privacy issues, these sections are Username and Password protected.

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In this section of the site we will be keeping a running posting of our notices. Lodge Notices are received monthly by the membership and include information about up and coming business meetings, Degree Nights and special events.

On The Level On The Level publication by Right Worshipful Brother Allan Large

A monthly publication now written by V.W Bro. Maitland , was originally started and named by WB Ken Hiltgen, who then handed over the reins to RWB Allan Large. Upon his passing to the Grand Lodge above V.W. Bro. Maitland offered to take it over. All the Brethren of St. James Lodge look forward to this Newsletter every month. It is particularly enjoyed by the Members that are unable to regularly attend the monthly meetings. We trust that you will find them equally interesting.


Grand Lodge Bulletins are received by St. James Secretary Rt. Wor. Bro. Ray Little and distributed to the brethren. They include such matters as any Grand Lodge communications, Addresses to the Members by our Grand Master for the current year and interesting articles on Masonry and the like.

What's New Archives.

If you happen to miss a particular lodge evening and didn't check the “News” page don't worry as you can catch up with what happened at the meeting here. All the juicy details will be archived here.

A quote by Will Rogers, American humorist and Freemason

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Famous Masons in History

September 5, 1735 - January 1, 1782

A Picture of a famous mason Johann Sebastian Bach Youngest of Johann Sebastian Bach’s four sons, musician and composer Johann Christian was known as the English Bach. In 1760 he was appointed organist of Milan cathedral and in 1762 he became composer to the King’s Theatre in London. Later he became was music master to Queen Charlotte and her children.

Member: Lodge of Nine Muses No. 235, London

Source: Denslow, William R., 10,000 Famous Freemasons, 4 vol., Missouri Lodge of Research,Trenton, Missouri, 1957-61.

July 30, 1863 - April 7, 1947

A Famous Mason in History Henry FordInventor and capitalist businessman, Henry Ford installed the first moving assembly line in his Highland Park, Michigan factory on December 1, 1913. The time to produce a Model T was reduced from slightly over twelve hours to 93 minutes.

Ford, paying significantly higher wages than competitors and reducing the workday to eight hours, was labeled a socialist while reinventing capitalism.

In November 1915 he organized the "Ford Peace Ship," a group of pacificist who sailed to Europe to attempt mediation. In 1918, he lost a campaign for the Senate.

His editorials in The Dearborn Independent only confirmed the label of "ignorant idealist" given him by the Chicago Tribune.

By 1940, Ford had amassed a fortune in excess of one billion dollars, much of which he gave to charity through his philanthropic foundations.

Palestine Lodge No. 357, Detroit, MI

  • Raised: November 28,1894

Member: Zion Lodge No. 1

Source: American Mason, Sag Harbor, NY. Aug/Dec 2001 p. 22; Denslow.