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Famous Masons in History

Born August 11, 1950

A Picture of a famous mason Steve Wozniak

Co-founder of Apple Computers with Steve Jobs, Wozniak continues to be a major donor to numerous needy groups and students. He has received uncountable awards from technology and community groups.

Charity Lodge No. 362, Campbell, CA:

  • Initiated:1980

Source: www.woz.org [accessed 2007/05/14].

September 18, 1895 - August 16, 1979

A Famous Mason in History Prime Minister John Diefenbaker

A successful lawyer, and Conservative Member of Parliament from 1940 until his death in 1979, Diefenbaker was Canadian Prime Minister from June 21, 1957 to April of 1963. He was Chancellor of the University of Saskatchewan from 1969 until his death.

  • Initiated: September 11, 1922
  • Passed: October 9, 1922
  • Raised: November 7, 1922

Wakaw Lodge No. 166, Wakaw, Saskatchewan Affiliated:

Kinistino Lodge No. 1, Saskatchewan Member:

Active with concordant and appendant bodies