A drawing of the st. james lodge hall, in pen and ink by jens skolleborgThe logo for st james lodge.

St. James Lodge No 80

Where good Men become better

a photo of the St. James Lodge Charter.The logo for st james lodge.

The true Mason is the Tyler

of the Temple of the Heart

a photo of the interior of the st. james lodge hall.The logo for st james lodge.

Freemasonry is about

making good Men better

a photograph of the interior of a masons briefcase showing some of his regalia.The logo for st james lodge.

The true Mason always carries

William Howard Taft

his Working Tools everywhere

a photograph of a large picture frame with the earliest Masters of the Lodge from 1915-1932The logo for st james lodge.

Brotherly Love,

Relief and Truth

a photograph of a large picture frame with the earliest Masters of the Lodge from 1915-1932The logo for st james lodge.

Built on hundreds of years of

traditions, ideas, and values

a photograph of the masters gavel, apron and ritual book.The logo for st james lodge.

There are no strangers in Freemasonry,

only Friends you've yet to meet

For me, Freemasonry was a part of my life growing up. My Stepfather, Ch. Supt. Norman Jones Deceased was a 65 year Mason. I was alway curious about the Fraternity and the meetings he would frequent so one day I asked him. As it turned out I also had a friend of the family who had moved to BC who was a Mason. It just made sense to join.

My connection with Freemasonry started in my youth when I joined the Organization of DeMolay. At every meeting a Master Mason was in attendance, and thus a strong bond was formed with my Chapter Dad and others. I admired and respected the Mason’s that I dealt with during my youth, and it was only natural that I take the next step. Freemasonry is a way of life, and has been in my life for over 50 years, a decision that I never have, nor ever will regret.

our vision

The Members of St. James will be recognized as a relevant and respected Fraternity, committed to attracting, developing and retaining all men of high quality who strive for self improvement and the opportunity to make a positive difference in their community, and in the lives of those around them.

our mission

Freemasonry in St. James strives to satisfy our members as we teach moral standards, and support a way of life that promotes fellowship, brotherhood, and self-improvement through excellence in leadership, education, family, charity, and community involvement.

Our Membership

St. James membership comes from every walk in life and from all over the Lower Mainland Vancouver British Columbia. We pride ourselves on the work we do both in and out of the lodge. We are always looking for new sincere, just and upright men to join our fraternity. Please feel free to browse through the site and contact us if you would like further information. Remember you can make a difference, you just have to want to.

“Minds are like parachutes, they work best when open”

W. Bro. James King

The Current Master of St. James Lodge

a photo of the master of st. james lodge no 80 wihite rock al strang

Officers Elected & Appointed

2023 – 2024

  • I. Past Master…..W. Bro. Bruce Cook
  • Senior Warden……Bro. Stuart Wright
  • Junior Warden……Bro. Lewie Liu
  • Treasurer……….V.W. Bro. Dieter Steimecke
  • Secretary……….R.W. Bro. Daniel Zrymiak
  • Chaplain………..V. Wor. Bro. Paul Barclay
  • Senior Deacon……Bro. Bill Bishop
  • Junior Deacon……Bro. John Urquhart
  • Dir. of Ceremonies. Rt. Wor. Bro. David Johnson
  • Senior Steward…..To be announced
  • Junior Steward…..To be announced
  • Historian……….R.W. Bro. Ray Little
  • Dir. of Mas. Ed….Bro. Andrew Rosengarten
  • Inner Guard……..Bro. Mario Cusmano
  • Musical Director…To be announced
  • Tyler…………..Bro. Don Morris